LHAKI STEELS & ROLLING PVT LTD is Bhutan’s largest integrated steel plant with an annual production capacity of 120,000 MT of TMT ( Thermo-mechanically Treated) re-bar. The plant was commissioned in the later part of year 2008.

The TMT re-bar is manufactured from its own in-house produced Mild Steel billet. The quality of TMT re-bars produced from billets stand out in terms of quality consistency when compared to ingots.

In acknowledgement of the fact that renewed and experienced attention was required in terms of managing the supply chain as well as marketing of finished products and factory operations, a company incorporated in India by the name PCM Alloys Pvt. Ltd, was identified to be a potential strategic partner to consolidate and further the business interest of Lhaki Steels & Rolling Pvt. Ltd.

In year 2010, PCM Alloys Pvt. Ltd, was roped in as the FDI partner with an equity investment of 20% in the company.

The product is marketed under the brand name PCM-Lhaki 500.